All-Day Summer Work Outfit

August 6, 2019

Hi loves! Wow, it’s been quite a minute here on Things She Loves. As most of you may know from Instagram, I moved from LA to New York last summer. Coming from a big city and ultimately already loving NYC since forever, it didn’t take me long to assimilate and call this place my new home.

There are so many things to love about the city that never sleeps. However, like with all changes, there are some habits I had to adapt! I love love love taking public transportation, for the mere facts of people watching and being able to use my hands during transit. I also had to get used to bringing bigger or mutliple bags with me (the bag lady in me is now real!!) In LA, it was so easy to go anywhere with a small crossbody because my car was basically a mobile storage. There were a lot of days where I’d also have a packed schedule, but as long as I brought changing outfits with me, it really didn’t pose a problem of having to constantly go home to change.

Now, in NYC, I’ve found it easy to wear all-day outfits that require slight changes to fit the next event. Sometimes I’ll bring a change of shoes to go along with my outfits as well. Recently, I’ve been introduced to Rockport, and the soles on the Zuly slip-on mule were so comfortable to get me through the day!

About the Total Motion Zuly Slip-On:

Let me tell you, I bought a pair of mule loafers before to bring together more polished looks. Some of the things I didn’t like about my previous pair were my feet sweating without socks and the way my feet felt after a whole day of wearing them. This pair is so much more comfortable! Aside from being stylish, this Rockport pair has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry (since you can’t really wear socks with mules!) Some other additions they added were truTECH on the sole for shock absorption and a split suede non-slip so your heel doesn’t have to constantly grip the shoe to stay in place.

Keep reading more for tips on how to style your looks for all-day wear and transition!

Look 1: Office Look

I actually wear scrubs to work, but some of my classes or work seminars/symposiums require us to dress professionally. Keeping it simple with a transitional button-down, bottoms, and stylish slip-ons make for a great work outfit! Bold, classic earrings and slick-back hair put together the look.

Top ZARA (similar) / Earrings KENDRA SCOTT / Skirt EXPRESS (similar) / Tote NO REST FOR BRIDGET / Mules ROCKPORT

Consider bringing a stylish tote like this one from No Rest for Bridget. I was able to also fit in a leather jacket and smaller bag in there for later. The great thing about starting out with a tote bag is that you can roll it and tuck it in whatever bag you use for later!

Look 2: Lunch Date or Happy Hour Look

This was probably my favorite look! Surpriiiiise, a cute bandeau under a button-down makes transitioning so much easier. All I did was let my hair down, unbutton the top to turn it into an off-the-shoulder look, and tie it right above the skirt for a more casual look. Cheers!

Top ZARA (similar) / Bandeau KENDALL & KYLIE / Earrings 8 OTHER REASONS / Watch OLIVIA BURTON / Skirt EXPRESS (similar) / Tote NO REST FOR BRIDGET / Mules ROCKPORT

Tips for a mid-day transitional look: As you can see, the changes for this outfit were very minimal! Get creative. The “bandeau” I wore underneath my button-up is actually a bikini top. I don’t head to the beach or swim often, so I always try to buy swimwear that can double as regular clothing. This one happened to match my shoes, so it was perfect!

Look 3: Night Out Look

And finally, how do you switch up an outfit you’ve been wearing all day so that you’re still excited to wear it? Read more below for tips on how to extend your outfit into the night. YUP, no shoe change required.

Top ZARA (similar) / Bandeau KENDALL & KYLIE / Watch OLIVIA BURTON / Skirt EXPRESS (similar) / Bag HENRI BENDEL (similar) / Mules ROCKPORT / Jacket ZARA (similar)

For the last look, I switched out the formal button-up to a leather jacket and rolled both that and my tote bag into my Henri Bendel fanny pack. The leather jacket and exposed midriff create more of an edgy night out look. I was able to keep the mules because of the print and small heel–perfect for dressing up this casual night look.

Do you have any tips to make an outfit last throughout the day? Which one of the above is your favorite? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

Kit Michele