Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

December 13, 2016

Brace yourself, holiday party szn is among us. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

What’s better than the holiday season? Holiday parties, of course! It’s the best time to get snuggled up with your closest loved ones and closer to your favorite acquaintances. If you’re anything like me, that company party or friendsmas you’ve had marked on your calendar will roll up quite faster than you think. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite things to give you the best holiday party outfit ideas for ANY occasion! Enjoy!


Cozy Holiday Party OutfitCozy holiday parties are my favorite, and you can still look cozy without reverting to only jeans and a sweatshirt. Add subtle hints of glitter on your clutch or even cheeks (highlight on fleek, of course) to turn this look from drab to fab. Shop the look below, or browse around for similar:



Work Holiday Party Outfit. Classy, chic, and trendy all-in-one? Possible. I wear a uniform to work, so I take every outside-work function seriously when it comes to dressing up. Isn’t it fun to see everyone dressed up? Shop the look below, or browse around for similar:



Friendsmas Holiday Party Outfit. Your friends and family already know you’ll be coming in your best ‘fit. We’re not disappointing anyone with this one! I didn’t add any glitter to this style, but Mihaela of Be You, Very Well rounds up some great ASOS glitter shift dresses in this party dress post. Shop the look below, or browse around for similar:



Fancy Holiday Party Outfit. If you love grand events but hate things collecting dust in your closet, opt for a dress you know you’ll wear again and again. My secret to doing this is styling up favorites with accessories. Boom. The hard part is over. Shop the look below, or browse for similar:


Are you going to any holiday parties this year? Which look is your favorite? Comment below! xx