How To: Wear Faux Fur + Suede…And Make It Last

January 11, 2017

Remember, fake doesn’t always mean cheap.

I almost fainted opening this gift box when I saw the enclosed contents. My first thoughts were, eeeek, please let this not be real fur. First thing I did was head to the tag before holding it up. And there it was in plain letters: faux fur suede moto jacket. Thank goodness!

I own many pleather/faux leather/vegan leather/pretend leather clothes (whatever you want to call it, take your pick), and although most people stray away from the idea of owning something fake, it doesn’t mean it has to be second-rate. Just like any other clothing, faux leather and fur can be made with the quality materials and processing available in today’s technology. Some brands that make faux products with high quality are: Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Prada, Chanel, Anna Sui, etc. Faux leather can still be of high quality from the time of purchase to years after attaining it if it is taken care of.

Let’s start with buying:

  1. Look at the color of the clothing. Does it have a natural leather look of browns or blacks? As opposed to real leather, faux leather actually has more uniform color all over. Real leather tends to look better as it ages, with a kind of blotchy appearance that some people tend to love. However, I’ve noticed that in cheaper faux leather fabrics, the attempt to achieve this look on first buy tends to give it a fake look. Faux fur should have a slight shine to it to imitate real fur.
  2. Feel the fabric. A high quality faux leather piece should feel heavy but not stiff. If it wrinkles or is too thin when you hold it, chances are the quality is not there. When gliding your fingers through faux fur, it should feel extremely soft to touch. It’s hard to tell if faux fur wrinkles, but if you brush your hand through the fabric and it remains altered, chances are it’s not quality faux fur.
  3. Trying it on. Faux leather with high quality should feel snug and actually keep you warm without making you feel suffocated. I still have an old faux leather jacket from many years ago. While it’s hard for me to let it go because it’s one of my favorites, it does not keep me warm or let me breathe! Faux fur should not be rough or itchy against your skin. Remember–you are paying for comfort as well as style!

Once you own it, care for it:

  1. Faux leather–prevent cracking: One of the easiest ways to tell if leather is fake is when it starts cracking. You can prevent this by limiting the amount of time the product is in the sun and lightly applying oils when needed. You can use baby oil or even leather care products (yes, they work just as well!)
  2. Faux fur–prevent altering the material: Would you believe me if I told you that you can wash your faux fur? If you prefer to use your washing machine, I would suggest washing it alone on delicates or hand wash (if your washer comes with this setting) with a mild detergent. Once it’s done, let it air dry, but remember to comb the faux fur in place first!

That’s it! Investing in my pieces is one of the most important things I’ve learned growing up. Now you can feel guilt free about spending a little more for your faux leather while saving money (and animals!!) by avoiding the real thing.

Do you own faux products? How do you care for them, and how do you style them? Comment below or upload your own photo for a chance to be featured on Instagram! xx

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