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Why I Stopped Trying to Create a Capsule Closet

March 13, 2018

La mode a volé mon âme.


As much as I like the idea of creating a sustainable closet, I’m starting to gravitate towards one that is constantly changing. I tried multiple attempts to build a capsule wardrobe that consisted of all my favorite things: neutral colors with sporadic pops of blue/teal, (mostly) effortless style, and transitional pieces that could be dressed up or down. I even signed up for a website service to make the process smoother; it listed what I needed to add and created outfits with the pieces I already had.

I think the turning point was when I recently became drawn to the color mustard yellow. I have never been a huge fan of colors, let alone brighter ones. How would that pair with the rest of my clothes? Would I have to start all over again? One of the cardinal rules I’ve learned through capsule wardrobe building was to stick to a color palette to minimize excess. Did this mean I should refrain from my unexplainable newfound admiration for the color yellow?

Style means so much more to me than creating multiple functional outfits to last me through x amount of time. Instead, it has grown to be a solid representation of who I am at each present moment. I kind of revel in looking back at style choices from younger days–good or bad. Whether it be punk rock band t-shirts during junior high or the short-lived neon phase sometime back in high school, those outfits marked places in my life.

I still think about clothes carefully before I buy them. Can I wear it more than once? Does it fit me well, and does it fit my lifestyle at the moment? Most importantly…how much do I love this item? These are the questions I like to ask instead of figuring out if it is solely functional.


I like to think of my closet instead as a wardrobe curated specifically for me, full of outfits that spark joy and confidence. And while clothes alone are not the source of happiness, they sure can emphasize or complement it. A perfect example is the array of clothes I’ve found from River Island. While shirts with pom sleeves and wide slit jeans may not be worn with every outfit, they’re statement pieces that I really enjoy wearing. Simplifying my mornings with no-brainer mix-and-match outfits is tempting, but I also love the challenge of asking myself what other ways I can style one item.


There’s definitely benefits to having a capsule closet, but I don’t think it’s meant for every single person. Style emulates individuality and should be tailored to YOU. Are you more of a capsule closet person or someone that loves some rotation? Let me know in the comments below! x