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How to Kick A$$ in 2018: Reevaluating Your Resolutions

February 1, 2018

HAPPY FEBRUARY, loves! Just as I expected, January 2018 did not wait for anyone. I originally wanted this blog post to go live during the first week of January, but I held off because I knew there would be a time when we would need it more.

How’s everyone doing on their New Year’s Resolutions? Today I’m going to make myself your accountability partner–to check in on you, cheer you on and push you even further.  I’ve heard many stories of you guys seeing happier and healthier beginnings to this year, and I am so ecstatic for you all! I want to challenge you to take your resolutions one step further. Here are some tips to not only keep up the momentum, but skyrocket to catch the most of what 2018 has to offer. YOU DESERVE IT!

Turn your goals into HABITS!

My mom used to hand us New Year’s Goals templates to fill out every New Year’s Eve. There would be goals and action steps. Without completing these, we couldn’t get any NY $$, haha! I love to dream big, but I also get overwhelmed by the big picture. By creating habits instead of goals, you’re subconsciously attaining your goal in little spurts at a time. This is the how part of setting your goal. This can be one habit for each resolution or a cohesive group of steps to keep your resolution going. The more specific, the better. It will give less room to cop out.

Instead of, “I will be healthier this year.”
Try, “I will commit to two workout classes a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

Start reasonably, and reevaluate often.

The great thing about goal setting is that you can always build on them. You’ll find that your path is more positive if you start goals and habits that you know you can attain. The key is to always challenge yourself. You don’t have to set the bar impossibly high for the first goal; you can start small and keep adding to it until you reach your ultimate one. This gives you a starting point and positive reinforcement after reaching your small goals. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to your bigger goal.

Instead of, “Learn how to cook.”
Try, “Try a new recipe once a week.”

What happens after a few weeks? You’ll begin to *handle* cooking one day a week. You can reevaluate if you want to challenge yourself to do more, whether it be trying two recipes a week, cooking an old recipe from memory or creating your own. Then one day, you’ll really learn how to cook. It’s all about progress over perfection.

Make sure it’s measurable.

This is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a better way to know where you’re at and where you want to be next.

Instead of, “Travel more.”
Try, “Visit one new state a month and one new country every season.”

Isn’t that more exciting? You’ll always have something to look forward to and accomplishments to smile back on.

Have MANY accountability partners.

Accountability partners should be like mentors; you can never have too many of them. One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned was to surround myself with people who make me grow. Try having accountability partners in different aspects of your life–people who you can trust to motivate you and tell it straight if you’re falling behind. It’s even better to have partners who have similar goals as yourself because the push is reciprocated. These relationships can be made in so many different and creative ways. Last year, two of my family members had an ongoing competition on who would reach their goal weight sooner.

Say you’re training for a marathon.
Instead of having someone who will call you out when you haven’t met your daily running goal,
Try having a running buddy who you would never want to flake on.

Remember that every day is a New Year.

Every day is a new day to start over. Every day is a new day to re-create, adjust or even get rid of your goals. You have the power to make your year, and that year starts whenever you want it to. My New Year didn’t officially start until late January because of commitments and deadlines I carried into 2018. I was okay knowing I would set my resolutions later because I know that I can choose a better me any day. YOU choose the day.

I’d love to hear your resolutions, goals and outlooks on 2018! Are you still on track, or do you feel like you needed an extra push?

Leave me a comment below. xx

From me to you,
Kit Michele