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I Got My Lashes Done And I Liked It

August 6, 2017

Making I woke up like this attainable.

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular within the past couple of years. No more fussing with mascara or eye makeup, right? Getting an extra 5-10 minutes of sleep in the morning or just simply having lashes on whenever, wherever is a huge bonus in getting them applied. Last week, I had the pleasure of getting my lashes done at Camellia Lash Bar & Boutique and am in love with the results! Honestly, I walked in not knowing what to expect other than the permo-temporary lifetime of eyelash extensions. Here are some things I’ve learned during my visit and the week long duration of having them on:

Eyelash extensions are not permanent, but they do last if you take care of them.

Most extensions last for 2-3 weeks, and of course as with anything, the better the care, the longer they last. My technician gave me an eyelash comb to brush them with. It resembled a mascara wand but with lighter and softer bristles. I thought it was a bit odd at first, but this comb is a lifesaver! After showering, washing my face, or when I woke up, I noticed my lashes were going in different directions. After a few swipes with this comb, my lashes looked brand new. Also, getting them filled every 2-3 weeks is much cheaper than getting a brand new set every so often.

You can pick the style of eyelashes you want.

I used to be weary of getting them done because most of the lashes I’ve seen on ladies looked like they were already wearing glam falsies all the time. My technician consulted with me and we both agreed on having a natural look with a touch of cat eye (just a tiny touch, she promised!) She carefully went through every lash and played with different lengths to make it seamlessly natural. Now I wonder…how many people have eyelashes extensions on that don’t look like extensions?!

That being said, go a little more glam than you’d like.

Honestly, the first couple of days after my appointment, my lashes were vavooom and I was scared they might be a bit much. But as your lashes gradually (and naturally) shed, they look so natural. I’ve had co-workers, friends, and family tell me they’ve noticed something different but can’t pinpoint what exactly it is!

Washing your face will be hard.

Especially if you plan on still wearing eyeliner or eye makeup. You have to scrub around your eyelid instead of rubbing your lashes and lids like you normally would. Also, staying away from anything oil-based will help to keep your lashes on for much longer. This was difficult at first, especially in the shower because shampoo/soap/conditioner would run over my eye and I couldn’t open it without normally wiping my eyes! I learned to keep a towel nearby to pat my eye area every time this happens.

You can still wear mascara.

It just has to be oil-free and not waterproof. I haven’t needed to use mascara, personally, but I have friends that use a non-waterproof mascara to make them pop a little bit more.

Get the antibacterial option if it is available to you.

Camellia Lash Bar & Boutique offers a $10 antibacterial lash upgrade and I highly recommend this! The antibacterial lashes I chose at Camellia have a kneaded bamboo charcoal that includes silica. Silica prevents odor and has high antimicrobial properties while absorbing and degrading some substances like formaldehyde (can contribute to eye allergies.) Another reason why I was hesitant to get my lashes done are because my eyes are ultra sensitive. Let’s just say, eye drops are one of the things I can’t leave home without. I didn’t even notice that I haven’t been using my eye drops! Several days after the appointment, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my eyes were actually free of any redness. Now, I don’t know if this is due to me not wearing mascara anymore or if it’s because of the antibacterial lashes I have on, but I’m almost certain it is a combination of both. I don’t normally wear mascara everyday, but my eyes used to always be red and irritated regardless. Such a difference!

Having eyelash extensions for the past week has been fun! It cut down my getting-ready time and really put the no-fuss to the rest of my day. Thank you to Jahne and Camellia Lash Bar & Boutique for having me last week! If you have been on the fence with trying eyelash extensions, I encourage you to try it now with my 50% discount. From now until 8/31/17, my readers can get half off a classic full set at Camellia Lash Bar & Boutique when you show them my Instagram post + follow their feed. You can find their Instagram here. Upgrade to the antibacterial lashes for $10 off–you can thank me later!

Have you ever gotten lashes done or do you plan on doing them in the future? I wanna know all about it! Comment below xx