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The Beauty in Beautycon

August 15, 2017

Convention for some, festival for many.

Something amazing is happening in the beauty industry, and I’m excited to be a part of the generation that witnesses it. In the most recent years, the influence has shifted from powerhouse cosmetic companies to devoted consumers worldwide. Beautycon is a gleaming example of how effective this new mantra has become. The event welcomed beauty enthusiasts for its fourth year, with its theme this year being Beauty in the Wild.

Beautycon’s mission this year honors people everywhere of all races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and religions. The atmosphere highlighted beauty that is skin deep. The acknowledgement that beauty is a subjective term undefined by others and only determined by oneself had everyone, brands and guests alike, prancing the convention center with self-expression.

I went on Saturday with Caitlin from Beauty and Colour and was in awe of how glamorous this festival was made out to be. I’ve only been to a tech convention once, and although there were minute similarities (prize wheels at booths, freebies with games, etc.), Beautycon is definitely not your average convention. Even though the convention was like one big cosmetic shopping store, I really did feel like Beautycon festival was made for me (and everyone other beauty junkie there.) Every booth transported me into the brand’s alternate universe–from Kopari‘s pure beachy vibe to L’Oreal’s chic Parisian city.

I didn’t think that four hours at a beauty convention would wear me out, but each brand had their own way of interacting with attendees. Next time I think I’ll make it a point to show up with no face and hair undone; you can literally come here and walk out photoshoot ready–from your hair down to your toe nails! Some of my favorites of the weekend were L’Oreal‘s flatlay tutorials, Ardell‘s lash bar, and Becca‘s donut photoshoot wall (the donuts were edible!)

No, it doesn’t even stop there. In addition to the many freebies and many makeovers, there were panel interviews, makeup tutorials, and meet-and-greets happening throughout the day. The DJ’s vibe fit just right, and the photo booths at nearly every brand made this festival so much more memorable.

Thank you, Sephora, for introducing me to the wonderful world that is Beautycon! This festival has undoubtedly made its mark on me, and I’m still shocked that it’s only on its fourth year. I can’t wait to see what next year’s festival has in store for its guests. If you haven’t attended already, grab a ticket for 2018 once they’re available! Oh, and bring a heavy duty bag and a portable phone charger. You’re going to need all the space for all the goodies, sales and selfies galore! xx



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