Sole Patches Review

December 21, 2016

The solemate you never knew you needed…until now.

There are two things in fashion I do not hesitate to splurge on: outerwear and shoes. Then again, there are always those rare moments when I come across a pair of oh-so-beautiful heels with a price tag that can’t be beat, and well…you see where this is going. That’s where my Sole Patches Review comes into play. The company uses poron material to absorb shock while multitasking to combat odor, moisture, and bacteria.

I’m a huge believer in shoe inserts because I tend to walk a lot. There are days when my average steps/day comes out to 17k-20k+! Sole Patches differs from many inserts out there because you can attach it to the balls and soles of your feet instead of leaving them in different shoes. However, you can also do it the old school way, and stick ’em where you want ’em.

I tried them both ways while Christmas shopping and running errands (my total today was 12,000 steps–phew!) These babies made sure my feet stayed put in my shoes instead of causing friction (that can also lead to pain at the end of the day.) However, I did switch the stickers to the old school method (placing them on the shoe itself) because they caused a kind of tugging sensation on my skin after awhile. The real test comes at the end of the day once the shoes come off…

A few hours later, here I am, resting in bed with no sore sensation. My feet actually feel pretty great after all that walking. I also liked that they were soft enough to provide comfort, tough enough to give my feet support, and light enough that I forgot they were in my shoes.

Silently rejoicing that I can get away with buying ~uncomfortable~ shoes every once in awhile now that I have these Sole Patches (they come with 6 stickers in a box.) If you have the same guilty pleasure, check out their site as they come as affordable as $10/box!

Sole Patches sold here.

What do you think? Comment below, or tag me if you decide to try them out! xx


This post was sponsored by Sole Patches, all opinions are my own.